Choose from our flexible VPS Hosting plans

eHDF’s VPS Hosting enables small and medium businesses to buy locally-hosted Cloud infrastructure services which are ideal for hosting websites and other web-based business applications. The payment plans for the Cloud packages start at AED 116 per month and users can easily scale the VM with the option to increase memory, CPU, storage, etc.

VPS Hosting

Rely on eHDF’s Public Cloud for a hassle-free hosting experience

If you are looking for scalable computing and data storage, while minimizing capital expenses, then Public Cloud is the solution that you should adopt. With this model, you not only benefit from operational efficiencies, but the savings that are associated with an environment like this can be utilized in systems, workflows and processes critical to your organization’s success.

eHDF’s Public Cloud hosting services provide your enterprise with the computing power, storage capacity, security and flexibility it needs, when it needs it and all the while reducing your IT costs and simplifying management and maintenance requirements.

Our Public Cloud offers clients a Virtual Private Server within a shared virtual local area network infrastructure that is firewalled, completely secured and fully supported with customizable processing, storage, transfer and memory capacities.

cloud hosting

Experience exceptional support and infrastructure on Windows and Linux VPS Hosting

eHDF delivers Cloud services from its own secure T3 Data Centres located in Dubai, thereby assuring customers of enhanced data security and better latency. Other benefits include:

eHDF ensures the highest level of security for your Cloud Hosted solution through several measures including network isolation, state-of-the-art firewall and Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS). Other services include Anti-malware solutions, Password Auto Repository (PAR) and Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS).

Cost effective solutions with flexible billing options

eHDF lets users pay only for what they use, making it ideal for small to medium businesses. Also, the immediate deployment of capacity allows much more flexibility in costing.

Scalability of infrastructure

Our Cloud architecture capabilities mean solutions can easily scale as your business grows with online and rapid provisioning, making it ideal for today’s dynamic and responsive business environment.

Reduced lead times & deployment

eHDF’s Public Cloud platform allows you to spin out new VMs in minutes to address any spikes in business, or perhaps a new campaign.